Asnovolins A–G, Spiromeroterpenoids Isolated from the Fungus <i>Aspergillus novofumigatus</i>, and Suppression of Fibronectin Expression by Asnovolin E

Seven novel spiromeroterpenoids, asnovolins A–G (<b>1</b>–<b>7</b>), one of which was shown to suppress fibronectin expression, were isolated from <i>Aspergillus novofumigatus</i> CBS117520 along with a known compound, novofumigatonin (<b>8</b>). The structures of asnovolins A–G were elucidated using MS and 2D-NMR data. Asnovolin E (<b>5</b>) suppressed fibronectin expression by normal human neonatal dermal fibroblast cells.