Antioxidant activities and bioactive compounds of five Jalopeno peppers (<i>Capsicum annuum</i>) cultivars

<p>The present study was designed to evaluate the contents of different antioxidants compounds and their antioxidant activities in Jalopeno peppers (<i>Capsicum annuum</i>) cultivars (El Dorido, Grande, Tula, Sayula and El Rey) extracts. Free radical scavenging activity of Grande was recorded as high as 87% followed by El Dorido (83%). Results of reducing power (Fe<sup>3+</sup> to Fe<sup>2+</sup>) showed that Grande (0.85%) and El Dorido (0.81%) fruit extract absorbance value were close to synthetic antioxidant BHT (0. 97%) obtained at100 μg/mL. The results showed that total phenolic content of El Dorido and Grande were significantly higher compared to other Jalapeno pepper. Results indicated strong and positive correlation between antioxidant activity and carotenoids content (<i>r</i> = 0.75), vitamin C (<i>r</i> = 0.78) and total capsaicinoids (<i>r</i> = 0.84), respectively. The results of the antioxidant activity assays showed that the El Dorido and Grande had strongest antioxidant activity compared to other peppers cultivars in this study.</p>