Anticancer effect of Polyphyllin Ι in colorectal cancer cells through ROS-dependent autophagy and G2/M arrest mechanisms

<p>Polyphyllin Ι is a steroidal saponin isolated from the rhizoma of <i>Paris polyphylla</i>. In the present study, we aimed to investigate the anticancer effects of polyphyllin Ι in colorectal cancer and to elucidate the potential underlying molecular mechanisms. Using, CCK8 assay, flow cytometry, laser confocal microscope analysis and western blot, the anticancer effects of the polyphyllin Ι were analysed in colorectal cells. Our results indicate that polyphyllin Ι significantly decreased cell viability of HCT 116 cells and induced autophagy. Furthermore, we found that polyphyllin Ι induced autophagy in an ROS-dependent cell death and not related with PI3 K/AKT/mTOR pathway. We also provide evidence that excessive ROS triggered by polyphyllin Ι could induce G2/M phase arrest via regulating cycle proteins expression of cell cycle regulators, such as p21 and cyclinB1. In conclusion, polyphyllin Ι exhibit anticancer effect through ROS-dependent autophagy and induces G2/M arrest in colorectal cancer.</p>