EvoSysBio LIFTs: Microbes and Antibiotics

2016-01-16T01:13:46Z (GMT) by Laurence Loewe
Antibiotics Resistance Evolution and Fitness Landscapes

EvoSysBio Landscapes of Incomplete Fitness Traits (LIFTs) are much easier to quantify accurately than full fitness landscapes because of the more limited nature of LIFTs, which only focus on Incomplete Fitness Traits (IFTs) in well-defined environments. In contrast, full fitness landscapes are extremely difficult or impossible to quantify using current methods, even in very simple systems.

Here an example LIFT is shown. It focuses on the ability of microbes to continue to grow in the presence of a specific antibiotic due to their acquisition of resistance mutations.
The more consequential IFT shown is the Minimum Inhibitory Concentration (MIC) of the antibiotic preventing cells from growing. The 5-dimensional genotype space is represented as a 1 dimensional mutational distance between the initial and final genotype.


Thanks to Daniel Weinreich for providing data, helpful discussions; to Guillaume Achaz for permission to use output from the Magellan website as the basis for this figure; and to both for sharing these contributions under the CC-BY-4.0 license.