Analysis of non-induced, induced and purified PPV2 protein.

(A) SDS-PAGE analysis. (B) Western-blot analysis with PPV2 positive rabbit serum. (C) Western-blot analysis with PPV2 positive pig serum. (D) Western-blot analysis using PPV2 negative pig serum. M: molecular weight marker (ProSiver QuadColor Protein Marker, Lonza); Lanes 1–6: cell lysates of bacteria with: 1. Non-induced, empty plasmid, 2. Induced, empty plasmid, 3. Non-induced Cnvirus-type PPV2 bearing plasmid, 4. Induced Cnvirus-type PPV2 bearing plasmid, 5. Non-induced, Myanmar-type PPV2 bearing plasmid, 6. Induced, Myanmar-type PPV2 bearing plasmid, 7. Purified Cnvirus-type antigen, 8. Purified Myanmar-type antigen.