An Automatic Approach to Building Earth Science Knowledge Graph to Improve Data Discovery (ESKG)

2017-07-28T17:08:26Z (GMT) by Lewis John McGibbney Yongyao Jiang
This presentation aims to provide…<br>an introduction to ESKG (for those who may have never heard of it before)<br>an update on the ESKG testbed Project (for those who have…)<br>a budget update<br>future plans and community building efforts<br><br>Who is this presentation for?<br>Put simply anyone with an interest in the ESIP Labs project<br>Semantic Technologists<br>Data integration and discovery enthusiasts<br><br>What are the takeaways?<br>Learn about the growing ESIP Semantic Technology stack<br>Learn about the ESKG codebase -<br>Consider getting engaged in the process of building linked open data and knowledge graph(s) for the Earth Sciences community.