Alginate Multicore Microcapsules for Repeated Self-Healing Epoxy Composites

2018-07-04T06:46:02Z (GMT) by IEE LEE HIA
Capsule-based self-healing approach attracts immense attention due to its versatility and low cost. However, the main concerns lie on the one-time healing, complicated synthesis process and utilisation of toxic precursor. This thesis focuses on developing repeated capsule-based self-healing system using alginate biopolymer. Epoxy resin and mercaptan/tertiary amine were successfully encapsulated within alginate to form self-healing microcapsules (100 – 400 µm). The fabrication process was simple and economical as no heat and pH alteration were required. Ultimately, the multicore internal structures of the microcapsules have led to multiple healing events under Charpy impact tests and healing were also shown under scratch tests.