Airline environmental efficiency measures considering materials balance principles: an application of a network range-adjusted measure with weak-G disposability

2017-11-16T13:28:44Z (GMT) by Qiang Cui Ye Li
<p>In this paper, we focus on assessing airline environmental efficiency with network structure and build a three-stage efficiency production process. Then, we propose a new model, network range-adjusted measure with weak-G disposability, to measure the environmental efficiency of 29 global airlines based on the data from 2008 to 2015. Finally, a second-stage regression analysis is done to explore the important influencing factors. The main findings are as follows: (1) Eva Air is the airline with the highest efficiency among these 29 airlines; (2) Delta is at the bottom of the efficiency ranking among the 29 airlines and this result is in correlation with its old aircraft fleet; (3) the average efficiency change index in 2014 is the highest in the period 2009–2015; (4) only average fleet age has a slightly significant impact on the overall efficiency and Services efficiency.</p>