Additional files 6: Figure S1. of Models of microbiome evolution incorporating host and microbial selection

Scatterplots of host fitness changes and initial HS-TMS consistency under host and microbial selections. Each dot represents one simulation performed under the selective model of HS and TMS (s HS  = s TMS  = 10). For each simulation, the HS-TMS consistency is a fixed value over time but randomly initialized since the trait fitnesses to host and microbe are randomly assigned at the very beginning. The changes in average fitness of host population is measured by subtracting the initial fitness level from the final (positive value means increased fitness and negative value means decreased fitness). Pearson correlation tests were performed and suggested a strongly positive correlation (r = 0.6413382) between host fitness changes and initial HS-TMS consistency (p value < 2e^−16). (TIFF 300 kb)