Additional file 8: Figure S5. of Overexpression of proteasomal activator PA28α serves as a prognostic factor in oral squamous cell carcinoma

PA28α overexpression in OSCC cell lines promotes cell proliferation in vitro. PA28α overexpression stable OSCC cell lines (CAL27 and HSC3 cell) were assessed for cell proliferation by EdU assay. CAL27 and HSC3 cell morphology was assessed by laser scanning confocal microscopy (200×). After 24 hours transfection, cells were stained with Edu (Apoll 643, red color) and DAPI. Data are reported as means ± SEM for three independent experiments. A, PA28α overexpression in CAL27 and HSC3 cells was illustrated by Western blotting. B&C, Edu assay. (PPT 241 kb)