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Additional file 6 of Emergent material properties of developing epithelial tissues

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posted on 23.11.2015 by Pedro Machado, Julia Duque, Jocelyn Étienne, Alfonso Martinez-Arias, Guy Blanchard, Nicole Gorfinkiel
Figure S6. Sketch of the information flow used to infer emergent properties of amnioserosa. From the observation of strain dynamics and myosin activity, the microstructure model (Eq. 1) predicts the stress. The emergent rheology is then approximated by a linear relation (Eq. 2) between the predicted stress and the observed oscillatory strain, characterised for each developmental time t and frequency ω by the complex modulus E ∗(t,ω)=E exp(iδ). Averaging over all cells and over a range of frequencies yields the time evolution of representative emergent parameters, the average stiffness Ē $\bar {E}$ and loss tangent tan δ ¯ $\overline {\tan \delta }$ . (PDF 2099 kb)


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