Additional file 6: Figure S6. of An improved pre-clinical patient-derived liquid xenograft mouse model for acute myeloid leukemia

Sorafenib and Regorafenib treatment has no impact on the frequency of CD34+ and CD34+CD117+ AML cells in mice. Magnetically sorted CD34+ pooled BM cells and splenocytes from secondary-engrafted NSG mice were injected intrahepatically in newborn NSG pups after sublethal irradiation (1 × 105 cells per pup). Successfully engrafted mice with more than 30 human CD45+ cells per microliter of blood (between week 12 to 16 post-engraftment) were randomly assigned to either untreated (n = 3), Regorafenib (n = 6; 5 mg/kg body weight; gavage-fed once daily), or Sorafenib (n = 6; 10 mg/kg body weight; gavage-fed once daily) treatment groups and monitored for 1 month. a Representative flow cytometry plots illustrating the expression of CD34 and CD117 in human CD45 cells. b Comparison of the frequencies of total CD34+ (B, above) and CD34+CD117+ (B, below) cells relative to human CD45 cells in peripheral blood, spleen, and BM of different treatment groups after 4 weeks post-drug treatment. Data are presented as mean frequencies ± SEM. (TIFF 1403 kb)