Additional file 5: of Transcriptional profiling of the leaves of near-isogenic rice lines with contrasting drought tolerance at the reproductive stage in response to water deficit

GO analysis of the down-regulated differentially expressed common genes in the leaves of the rice genotypes, including the two pairs of NILs and their drought-susceptible parent in response to different WD treatments. This figure shows a colorful model of the PAGE analysis of gene-expression data under the different WD treatments applied in this study. The information includes the following: GO term, ontology (including 3 GO categories: biological process (P), molecular function (F) and cellular component (C)), the number of annotated genes for each GO term, the GO description, a simple colorful model in which the red color system indicates up-regulation and the blue color indicates down-regulation, and different statistical parameters, such as z-scores, means and adjusted P values (FDR) in the different rice genotypes. (XLSX 1665 kb)