Additional file 5: Figure S4. of New insights into HCV replication in original cells from Aedes mosquitoes

HCV Infection protocols. (A) for human HepaRG hepatocytes (“H”) and (B) for insect cells, Ktmos1 (“K”, Ae Aegypti) and C6/36 (“C”, Ae Albopictus). The infection was performed using HCVsp, LAT isolate, genotype 3. D, day; − before infection; D0, day of infection; D4, D7, D14, D21, D28, days post-infection and medium change. P17, P18, passages 17 and 18. HepaRG®, HepaRG cells from KIT902 (Biopredic International). Over the time, HepaRG and Ktmos1 cells in monolayer became more and more differentiated. (TIFF 300 kb)