Additional file 5: Figure S1. of Identification of tRNA nucleoside modification genes critical for stress response and development in rice and Arabidopsis

LC-MS/MS chromatogram in MRM mode for authentic nucleosides. The Y axis indicated signal intensity for a particular Q1 and Q3 ions. Numbered peaks are 1: U; 2: C; 3: G; 4: A; 5: D; 6: Ψ; 7:Cm; 8: m5C; 9: ac4C;,10: Am; 11: m1A; 12: m2A; 13: m6A; 14: m6t6A; 15: Gm; 16:m7G; 17: m1G; 18: m2G; 19:m2 2G; 20: Um; 21: m5U; 22: ncm5U; 23: I; 24: m1I; 25: t6A. Figure S2. Eukaryotic tRNA and methylated nucleosides. (A) tRNA cloverleaf structure with methylated nucleosides shaded in gray. The abbreviated name of modified nucleosides was shown in Abbreviations section. (B) Chemical structure of methylated nucleosides and their corresponding MTase enzymes in S. cerevisiae. Figure S3. Multi sequence alignment of methyl-pyrimidine MTases in group I. The conserved amino acids were marked with blue boxes. A high conserved site Gly(G) was highlighted in red (PPTX 399 kb)