Additional file 4 of Emergent material properties of developing epithelial tissues

Figure S4. Influence of the myosin status of neighbouring cells. A The effect of neighbouring cell myosin phase on cell shape strain rate in the orientation of the cell pair centroids, broken down by the correlation of myosin phase between neighbour pairs. The shape strain rate of neighbouring cells with anti-correlated myosin phases is strongly enhanced, whereas it is reduced for neighbours with correlated myosin phase. B The data used in Fig. 1 i are represented, but here with neighbouring cells substituted by other cells with myosin fluctuation from the tissue chosen at random. With the exception of a significant but small enhancement of the rate of area change for neighbours with negatively correlated myosin phases (see Fig. 1 i), the randomised data are indistinguishable from the non-randomised data. Dotted lines show 95 % confidence intervals in (A) and (B). (PDF 1024 kb)