Additional file 4: Figure S4. of A functional endosomal pathway is necessary for lysosome biogenesis in Drosophila

The endosomal pathway is required for the starvation-induced acidification of the lysosomes. Larvae clonally expressing the dominant negative or silencing transgenes for Shibire (A), Rab5 (B), Rab4 (C), Chmp1 (D) or Rab7 (E) were starved to induce autophagy and the acidification of the lysosomes. Alive fat bodies were stained with Lysotracker-Red. Clonal cells were identified by the expression of the GFP-Atg8a transgene. Genotypes: (A) y w hs-FLP/UAS-ShiK44A; UAS-GFP-Atg8a/+; Ac > CD2 > Gal4/ UAS-ShiK44A, (B) y w hs-FLP/+; UAS-GFP- Atg8a/+; Ac > CD2 > Gal4/UAS-Rab5-IR, (C) y w hs-FLP/+; UAS-GFP- Atg8a/+; Ac > CD2 > Gal4/UAS-Rab4SN, (D) y w hs-FLP/+; UAS-GFP- Atg8a/+; Ac > CD2 > Gal4/UAS-Chmp1-IR, (E) y w hs-FLP/+; UAS-GFP- Atg8a/UAS-Rab7TN; Ac > CD2 > Gal4/+. (TIF 791 kb)