Additional file 4: Figure S1. of msaABCR operon is involved in persister cell formation in Staphylococcus aureus

Growth kinetics at exponential and stationary growth phase. The bacterial cells (USA300 LAC, msaABCR deletion mutant and complementation) were grown in MHB media. The cells were normalized to OD600 of 0.05 before measuring the growth kinetics. The graph showed no observable growth defect among the strains tested in both a. exponential and b. stationary phase. These results represent the means of three independent experiments run in triplicates. Error bars represent SE. Student’s t-test (OriginPro) was used to compare the results of the wild-types to their respective mutants (* p-value <0.05, ** p-value <0.005) (TIFF 596 kb)