Additional file 3: Figure S3. of FGF19/FGFR4 signaling contributes to the resistance of hepatocellular carcinoma to sorafenib

FGFR4 overexpression does not chance sorafenib-induced cell response. (A–E) The effect of FGFR4 overxpression on Sora-induced HCC cell apoptosis and ROS generation. FGFR4 overexpressing MHCC97H cells (FGFR4 O/E) were treated with 4 μM of Sora over a series of time points before analysis. Cell viability was determined by MTS assays (A); cell apoptosis was determined by DAPI staining (B) and Western blot (C); ROS generation was determined by DCFH-DA staining (D); and O2 •− generation was determined by electrochemical biosensor (E). In (C), expression levels were normalized against actin and reported relative to controls (fold changes shown below each lane). (TIF 1164 kb)