Additional file 3: Figure S2. of Small-size recombinant adenoviral hexon protein fragments for the production of virus-type specific antibodies

Adenoviral HVRs 1-6 hexon fragment purification. SDS-PAGE analyses of HVRs1-6 hexon fragments of HAdV-B3 HAdV-C5, MAdV-1 and -2 were performed after GSH affinity purification (A), Mono Q ion-exchange purification (B), and Q5 ion-exchange purification (C). The Flow fraction represents proteins that did not bind to the chromatography matrix, the Wash fraction represents proteins washed out during the washing step of the purification, and the Beads fraction represents proteins that were eluted from the matrix by SDS boiling. Elution from the Q5 ion-exchange column was performed applying a slow KCl gradient of 50-600 mM. The hexon fragments were eluted at different KCl concentrations, including 150-210 mM KCl for the HAdV-B3 fragment, 270-350 mM KCl for the HAdV-C5 fragment, 90-130 mM KCl for the MAdV-1 ragment and 60-110 mM KCl for the MAdV-2 fragment. (PDF 2150 kb)