Additional file 2: of Simultaneous inhibition of JAK and SYK kinases ameliorates chronic and destructive arthritis in mice

Clinical and immunological comparison of acute versus chronic glucose-6-phosphate isomerase ( G6PI )-induced arthritis model in mice. a Diagram summarizing the experimental protocol followed in Figs. 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (see “Methods” for more details). b Time course for arthritis scores clearly showing moderate and acute arthritis in G6PI-immunized mice, and severe and chronic arthritis in T regulatory cell (Treg)-depleted and G6PI-immunized mice. c Proportion of CD25hiFoxp3+ Treg cells in CD3+CD4+ cells at the time of immunization (day 0). d Numbers of total cells from inguinal lymph nodes and e leucocyte counts in peripheral blood at day 6 post-immunization. f Cytokine secretion by splenocytes isolated on day 31 and stimulated in vitro with 20 μg/ml G6PI for 72 h. Graphs show mean (± standard error of the mean) for 3–6 mice/group, *p <0.05 versus naive control, # p <0.05 versus G6PI-immunized mice. s.c. subcutaneous administration, i.v. intravenous administration, i.p. intraperitoneal administration, p.o. oral administration, QD one dose a day. (PDF 521 kb)