Additional file 2: Figure S2. of Mesenchymal stem cell-derived angiogenin promotes primodial follicle survival and angiogenesis in transplanted human ovarian tissue

Identification of MSCs by Flow Cytometry. (A) Representative histogram of FACS results showing the MSCs surface marker profile. The blue peak indicated the specific antibodies: CD34, CD45, CD19, negative cocktail (including CD44, CD90 and CD105). The red peak represented the isotope antibodies. (B) Positive expression of CD34, CD45, CD19 and negative cocktail (including CD44, CD90 and CD105) in five individuals as examined by flow cytometry was expressed as mean ± SD. The proportion of cells expressing CD44, CD90, CD105 and negative cocktail, which were analyzed from 5 independent samples, were 96.6% ± 2.1%, 96.4% ± 2.2%, 97.2% ± 2.0% and 2.9% ± 0.6%. (JPG 418 kb)