Additional file 2: Figure S1. of Genome sequencing of 39 Akkermansia muciniphila isolates reveals its population structure, genomic and functional diverisity, and global distribution in mammalian gut microbiotas

Pangenome “openness” of A. muciniphila. Figure S2. Principal components analysis shows the clustering of A. muciniphila isolates. Figure S3. Functional composition of the A. muciniphila pangenome. Figure S4. Principal components analysis on CAZymes profiles of A. muciniphila isolates. Figure S5. Relative abundance of A. muciniphila phylogroups in 368 Chinese gut microbiome samples. Figure S6. Gene flow and recombination events in A. muciniphila phylogroups. Figure S7. Loss and gain of orthologous groups during A. muciniphila evolution. (DOCX 682 kb)