Additional file 1: of A novel method for investigating Burkholderia cenocepacia infections in patients with cystic fibrosis and other chronic diseases of the airways

Bacterial clouds in F-12 medium and ASMDM wells. Confluent HLCCs were subjected to Ham’s F-12 complete medium (A and B) or 60 % ASMDM (C and D), infected with B. cenocepacia at MOI 0.3 (B and D) or mock-infected with saline (A and C), and incubated at 37 °C (7 % CO2). After 24 h, HLCC monolayers were assessed with an inverted Zeiss axiovert 40 CFL microscope (1000X magnification), a microscope-mounted camera, and Leica LAS v4.6.2. software. HLCC monolayers in Ham’s F-12 complete medium and 60 % ASMDM with B. cenocepacia show a dense mass in the upper left wells (arrows). Because this is seen in infected wells only, we think these are clouds of bacterial cells floating in the supernatant (B and D). Both mock-infected wells show no clouds (A and C). (DOCX 679 kb)