Additional file 1: Figures S1–S6. of A systems pharmacology-based approach to identify novel Kv1.3 channel-dependent mechanisms in microglial activation

Flow cytometric confirmation of Kv1.3-channel specificity of the ShK-F6CA binding assay is shown in Figure S1. Comparison of ShK-F6CA labeling of Kv1.3 channels in splenic and brain-infiltrating macrophages is shown in Figure S2. Morphological changes induced by LPS, ShK-223, and LPS+ShK-223 treatment conditions are shown in Figure S3. Distribution of missing data in the proteomic data set is shown in Figure S4. Quantitative RT-PCR data showing validation of pro-inflammatory activation of BV2 microglia by LPS are shown in Figure S5. EHD1 upregulation by LPS and inhibition of EHD1 upregulation by ShK-223 is shown in Figure S6. (DOCX 1262 kb)