Additional file 1: Figure S1. of Cytosolic phospholipase A2 contributes to innate immune defense against Candida albicans lung infection

Flow cytometry gating strategy for cell identification in lung digests from cPLA2α+/+ (WT) and cPLA2α−/− (KO) mice challenged with C. albicans for 24 h. Cells were isolated from enzymatically digested mouse lungs, and after exclusion of doublets and debris, immune cells were identified by CD45 staining. A sequential gating strategy was used to identify populations expressing specific markers: a alveolar macrophages (AM) (CD45+ CD24− CD11b− SiglecF+), (b) tissue macrophages (TM) (CD45+ CD24− CD11b+), (c) neutrophils (PMN) (CD45+ CD11b+ Ly6G+) and (d) CD11b+ dendritic cells (CD11b+ DCs) (CD45+ MHCII+ CD11c+ CD11b+). (TIF 954 kb)