Additional file 14: of SUMO1 modification of KHSRP regulates tumorigenesis by preventing the TL-G-Rich miRNA biogenesis

Fig. S10. Hypoxia promotes KHSRP cytoplasmic localization. HeLa cells were stimulated by LY294002 (25 μM) for 0, 16 h before cells were harvested. (A) Nuclear and cytosolic fractions were extracted by the Nuclear/Cytosol fractionation kit. (B) Endogenous KHSRP was stained with the primary antibody anti-KHSRP (Rabbit), and then with the second antibody of Alexa Fluor 488 anti-rabbit. DAPI staining was to visualize the nucleus. All the images were taken by Nikon microscope, scale bar =25 μm (PDF 549 kb)