Active galactic nuclei and blazars, lecture

2019-08-10T16:30:20Z (GMT) by Rodrigo Nemmen
Slides from a set of lectures about active galactic nuclei (AGNs) and blazars for advanced undergraduate and graduate students in physics and astronomy. Prepared and taught by Prof. Rodrigo Nemmen. The slides give a broad overview of observations and theory of AGN, with some emphasis on jetted AGNs (blazars) and high-energy electromagnetic radiation

The following topics are covered:
1. Historical perspective
2. Black hole physics
3. Observed AGN zoo
4. The ins of BHs: accretion
5. The outs: jets
6. Blazars

This was presented in two lectures with a total duration of 3 hours. I was not able to cover all material available in the slides.

Credit for the slides and figures belongs to Rodrigo Nemmen, unless otherwise stated.