A woman in her time: science, art and education in a life path

2017-09-01T02:47:41Z (GMT) by Maria João Mogarro
<p></p><p>ABSTRACT Seomara da Costa Primo (Lisbon, 1895 - Amadora, 1986) was a science university professor and a high school teacher. She was a distinguished researcher, textbook author and illustrator. She was also part of teaching associations, was once part of the press and did study missions abroad. She was a woman of her day, an intellectual that defended the active role of women in society and fought for her education, empowering herself in a men’s world. Her life path demonstrates that she was part of some reference institutions of the time and dialogued in significant arenas of debate, asserting herself as a personality who also circulated internationally in scientific missions. The penumbra in which her name and life have been kept must be illuminated by re-placing her in the gallery of illustrious women who represent a time and a way of occupying the public space and put the teaching profession forward.</p><p></p>