A new termite species of the genus Dihoplotermes Araújo (Blattaria, Isoptera, Termitidae) from the Brazilian Amazonian rainforest

ABSTRACT Dihoplotermes, a previously monotypic genus, is now composed of two species. Dihoplotermes taurus sp. nov., a new Termitinae termite species, is illustrated and described based on morphological characters from soldiers, workers, and imago. The new species is distinguished from Dihoplotermes inusitatus Araujo by having a spine-like protuberance with blunt apex on the postmentum, the presence of a spine on the gizzard and the absence of dimorphic soldiers. Furthermore, the internal morphological characteristics of a Dihoplotermes worker are described for the first time. Both internal and external morphological characters were used to improve the characterization of the species.