A new sarasinoside congener, sarasinoside M<sub>2</sub>, from a marine sponge collected in the Solomon Islands

<p>A new sarasinoside congener (sarasinoside M<sub>2</sub>) and known sarasinoside B<sub>1</sub> were obtained from a marine sponge<i>.</i> Sarasinoside M<sub>2</sub> was suggested to have the same aglycon as sarasinoside M although the internal glucose in its sugar moiety is replaced by xylose. Sarasinosides B<sub>1</sub> and M<sub>2</sub> showed moderate cytotoxicity (approximate IC<sub>50</sub> 5–18 μM) toward Neuro-2a and HepG2 cell lines.</p>