A new model of batch biodrying of sewage sludge, Part 1: Model development and simulations

<p>This study proposes a new model of batch biodrying of sewage sludge. This model divided the matrix into two phases (gas and solid), generating 9 · N equations which were solved numerically with Matlab software. A sensitivity analysis was also performed. It was found that the model can represent the experimental trend reported in the literature for the biodrying process, such as higher temperatures (<i>T</i>) for higher initial moisture content (MC) and higher <i>T</i> differences at lower initial MC. The sensitivity analysis shows that the model is mainly affected by changes in parameters <i>k</i><sub><i>h</i>,rb</sub>, <i>k</i><sub><i>h</i>,sb</sub>, <i>µ</i><sub>max</sub>, UA, <i>d</i><sub><i>p</i></sub>, <i>X</i><sub>sb,0</sub>, and <i>X</i><sub><i>H</i>,0</sub>.</p>