A new limonoid from stem bark of <i>Chisocheton pentandrus</i> (Meliaceae)

<p>A new limonoid, pentandricine (<b>1</b>), along with three known limonoids, ceramicine B (<b>2</b>), 6-de(acetyloxy)-23-oxochisocheton (<b>3</b>), 6-de(acetyloxy)-23-oxo-7-<i>O</i>-deacetylchisocheton (<b>4</b>), have been isolated from the stembark of <i>Chisocheton pentandrus</i>. The chemical structures of the new compound were elucidated on the basis of spectroscopic evidence. All of the compounds were tested for their cytotoxic effects against MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Compounds <b>1</b>–<b>4</b> showed weak and no cytotoxicity against MCF-7 breast cancer cells with IC<sub>50</sub> values of 369.84, 150.86, 208.93 and 120.09 μM, respectively.</p>