A new <i>ent</i>-kaurane diterpene derivative from the stems of <i>Eurya chinensis</i> R.Br

<p>One new <i>ent</i>-kaurane diterpene derivative (<b>1</b>), along with four known diterpenes, was isolated from the stems of <i>Eurya chinensis</i> R.Br. The structure of the new compound was established by extensive analysis of mass spectrometric and 1D and 2D NMR spectroscopic data. Compound <b>1</b> showed moderate anti-inflammatory activities with IC<sub>50</sub> value of 8.12 μM. This is the first example of diterpenoids with 4-hydroxy-4-(2-hydroxyethyl)-1-hydroxyl-cyclohexanoyl substituent.</p>