A new furanosteroid from <i>Talaromyces</i> sp. lgt-4, a fungal endophyte isolated from <i>Tripterygium wilfordii</i>

<p>Wortmannolol (<b>1</b>), a new furanosteroid, along with five known compounds, wortmannolone (<b>2</b>), ergosterol (<b>3</b>), <i>p</i>-hydroxyphenyl ethanol (<b>4</b>), trans-6-dodecene (<b>5</b>), (2<i>Z</i>, 4<i>E</i>) -5-(8-hydroxy-1,5-dimethyl-3-oxo-6-oxabicyclo [3.2.1] octan-8-yl) -3-methylpenta-2,4-dienoic acid (<b>6</b>) were isolated from a fungal endophyte <i>Talaromyces</i> sp<i>.</i> lgt-4. Their structures were elucidated by IR, MS, 1D and 2D NMR spectra. Compound <b>1</b> show weak monoamine oxidase inhibitory activity.</p>