A new computational tool for the follow up of mechanized excavation of tunnels: the case study of the subway line 5-LILAC in São Paulo, Brazil

<div><p>Abstract The management and monitoring of mechanized tunnel excavation parameters are crucial for ensuring the safety, quality and project's time/costs, since these parameters are the only existing elements that enable the evaluation of the performance of the excavation itself. In this study, will be presented the computational tool christened as SAPE (Support System and Monitoring of Underground Excavation Parameters), an innovative tool meant to assist the monitoring of ongoing or completed mechanized tunneling projects. The tool was designed to be a flexible and simple management tool, which means that it can be customized as a function of the characteristics of each project. The default version comprises the most important excavation parameters (a total of 14). Besides, it has important functions, such as geolocation (GoogleEarth program), historical production data and basic excavation statistics. The software was tested in the recently completed twin tunnels of the Subway Line 5 - Lilac in the city of São Paulo, Brazil.</p></div>