A baby's first 250 words (time stamped at Twitter)

2016-12-14T00:59:09Z (GMT) by Richard Ferrers
<p>The first 250 words of a child (Mac, Macca, Mackenzie) born 04.01.2012 as tweeted by parent on private twitter account: MacTracker2012. </p> <p>There are 175 tweets shared that are language related from total 500 tweets over that time.</p> <p>Burst in language around Month 25; 50 words, Month 26; 50 words, Month 27; 80 words. Before Month 25; about 70 words.</p> <p>Alphabetial list of words also provided (in comments). Where words mis- or incompletely pronounced, then indicated with square brackets eg [e]gaga for 'egg'. Child said 'gaga', meaning 'egg'. First bracket left off when the start of the word.</p><p>v2: added image of control sheet mentioned in comments below. Dated 31.03.14 i.e. Month 26.</p><p>v3: add text file of Alpha list of first 250 words - per comments stream. Added ControlSheet image 28.11.13. Added ControlSheet image 31.3.14</p>