A Scenario about Research on Statistics Education in the Mathematics Education Bulletin – BOLEMA, from 2006 to 2015

Abstract This article aims to identify the thematic focus and theoretical-methodological characteristics about papers published in the Mathematics Education Bulletin - BOLEMA on Statistics Education. In this sense, a survey of the “state of knowledge”-type was developed in the online editions available on the periodic website, 2006-2015. We found 40 works, including articles, thesis abstracts, and dissertation abstracts. Through this investigation it was possible to identify key institutions and researchers investigating in this field, publishing part of their research in this vehicle of scientific publication in the country. The categorization of the work revealed how the thematic focus with the highest numbers of submissions was “Statistics and Probability Education through features or proposals.” There was also a thematic focus on “Teacher Training”, the “Understanding and reflection on the area of Statistics Education”, and “Difficulties on Statistics and Probability content”, thus, constituting the panorama of research on Statistics Education published in BOLEMA in recent ten years.