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A Review of Methodologies for the Design and Incubation of Collaborative Platforms

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journal contribution
posted on 14.02.2018 by Eugenio Maria Battaglia, Simone Cicero, Chiara Agamennone
The objective of this report, commissioned to the team behind Platform Design Toolkit, is to provide a first bird’s eye view on the presence, availability and performance of different design frameworks, as well as incubation strategies and contexts regarding a particular class of ventures -intended as market sustainable businesses: Collaborative Platforms (COPs in the text).

The analysis is essentially focused on incarnations of the platform model (and the collaborative mode of production). This model has been central to the development of recent high growth emerging industries defined within the Sharing Economy, Gig-economy, Collaborative Economy context.

1. Objective of the Report: definition of the scope of the research
2. Tools for COPs Design
3. Incubating COPs
4. Financing COPs
5. Conclusions


Dimmons IN3 Research Institute