A New Framework for Health Sciences Research Guides

First presented at MCMLA & MLA Midwest Chapter Joint Conference 2015<br><br><b>Objectives</b><br> Build a framework for organizing and creating effective guides. Recommend best practices guidelines for guide development. Assist authors in aligning guides to the framework and best practices. Promote the new framework and guidelines. <br> <br> <strong>Methods</strong><br> The Library began using the LibGuides platform in 2009. With new functionality in version 2 and new Library staff, a team convened in October 2015 to review current practices, develop a framework for building guides, and make recommendations for best authoring practices. <br> <br><b>Results</b><br>A new framework included a policy for consistent use of subjects and tags to organize the guides and to promote author expertise; a blueprint guide to provide a consistent look and feel for subject areas; and a best practices author guide. The team built new and began transitioning existing guides during working meetings with authors. <br><br><b>Conclusions</b><br>A framework provides much needed consistency for users and guidance to research guide authors. Next steps include creating guides to fill gaps in information needs and working with other libraries to build upon this framework. <br>