A Independência da Escolha dos Canais de Marketing nas Rendas dos Produtores Orgânicos Americanos

Abstract: One of the issues related to strategies for capturing value in organic production activities is the decision regarding the appropriate product distribution channel. The literature points out the importance of analyzing the gains of organic small producers concerning the marketing channels for organic products. Research indicates that marketing through direct channels is an advantage for small producers since these channels promote increased value capture and, consequently, increased income. Empirical research was conducted in California, United States, in which 60 organic producers were surveyed to determine whether direct distribution is the preferred type of distribution channel utilized by small producers. The results indicate that the choice of distribution channel, direct or indirect, and the type of channel within this category, is not directly related to producer income. There are indications that the choice of the appropriate channel is more connected to producers’ motives, quality of life, and perspectives on the growth of their business. Moreover, diversification of marketing channels may be an important mechanism to reduce the risks involved in the marketing their products.