A Comparative Study between Effect of Physical Activity and ADAM, Vs Iron Salts on SomePhysical Traces of Underground Water

Iron deficiency is estimated to be the most common cause of anemia worldwide. The purpose of this study was to investigate
the effect of dietary supplement ADAM (olive oil, vinegar and sodium chloride) and traditional iron salts, together with
physical activity on anemic female students. Our study consists of forty anemic female students divided into four equal
groups, ten students in each group; 1st group ingested ADAM with exercise, 2nd group ingested ADAM without exercise,
3rd group supplemented with traditional iron salts with exercise, 4th group supplemented with traditional iron salts without
exercise. Blood samples were drawn (5ml) for analysis of hemoglobin by spectrophotometer, iron, total iron binding
capacity and ferritin by Radioimmunoassay, O2 using gas analyzer. The variables exerted VO2max using Harvard step test,
heart rate by pulse meter, fitness index by equation; the variables were detected (pre-post) training program. Results: The
results indicated a positive result for ADAM with physical activity compared with ADAM alone, also iron with physical
activity variables overcome the variables of iron salts alone while, ADAM with physical activity variables exceed iron salts
with physical activity. Conclusion: using physical activity with ADAM, induces a positive result in curing female anemic
students from traces of underground water.