A-Ci curves from gas exchange at 26-37°C

2013-01-30T10:53:39Z (GMT) by Shouren Zhang Qing-Lai Dang
<p>CO2(out)=CO2 concentration in the ambient<br>CO2(diff)=CO2 concentration difference between the ambient and leaf cuvette<br>Light=photo flux density<br>H2O(out)=water vapor pressure in the ambient<br>H20(diff)=water vapor pressure difference between the ambient and leaf cuvette<br>Cuvette temp.=temperature in the cuvette<br>L area=leaf area<br>Flow=flow rate<br>Evap=transpiration rate<br>Cond=stomatal conductance<br>Leaf T=leaf temperature<br>A=net photosynthetic rate<br>Ci=intercellular CO2 concentration</p> <p> </p>