A C-terminally truncated form of PPARγ2 is enriched in brown adipose tissue mitochondria.

2018-03-22T18:00:46Z (GMT) by Ji Suk Chang Kyoungsoo Ha

(A) Schematic of PPARγ1 and PPARγ2 proteins. AF-1, activation function 1; DBD, DNA binding domain; LBD, ligand binding domain; AF-2, activation function 2. Blue letters represent specific regions recognized by three different PPARγ antibodies. (B) Presence of a 52 kDa protein recognized by PPARγ2 antibody in the cytosolic and mitochondrial fractions. Brown adipose tissue was isolated from C57BL/6J mice and subjected to subcellular fractionation. Cytosolic (C), nuclear (N) and mitochondrial (M) markers were detected in their respective fractions. (C) Validation of three different PPARγ antibodies. PPARγ1 and PPARγ2 were expressed in HeLa cells and analyzed with three different PPARγ antibodies. *, a non-specific band at ~50kDa that is reacted with PPARγ (H100) antibody in HeLa cells. (D) Western blot analysis of brown adipose tissue extracts (WCE) and mitochondrial lysates (M) with three different PPARγ antibodies.