ARCE prevented ISO induced modulations in gene expressions in rat heart tissues.

<p>The total RNA isolated from heart tissues from rats of various treatment groups were subjected to cDNA synthesis and followed by quantitative PCR for (A) antioxidant genes (<i>sod</i> and <i>catalase</i>), (B) pro-apoptotic (<i>bax</i>) and anti-apoptotic (<i>bcl-2</i>) genes and (C) myocardium specific <i>caveolin-3</i> and <i>SERCA2a</i> were analysed by quantitative PCR. The data were represented as mean ± SEM, two independent experiments, n = 6 in each experiments. **P<0.01 and *P<0.05 vs. control group; ##P<0.01 and #P<0.05 vs. ISO group.</p>