ALPH1ΔN has <i>in vitro</i> decapping activity, in the presence of an RNA 5’ polyphosphatase.

2017-06-19T17:45:36Z (GMT) by Susanne Kramer
<p>Total trypanosome mRNA was treated with recombinant ALPH1<b>Δ</b>N or Alph1<b>Δ</b>N* as indicated, purified, treated with RNA 5’ polyphosphatase as indicated, purified, and finally treated with yeast Xrn1 as indicated. The RNA samples were analysed by northern blot probed for the SL RNA (red) and the 5.8S rRNA (green). For lane 4–7 of replicate 1, an overexposed blot of the 5.8S rRNA is shown to demonstrate equal loading. Data of two representative replicates are shown, out of a total of four replicates.</p>