AHYST.Lena: The Lena River Hydrology and Statistics

This dataset contains mean annual and extreme flow data, compiled for the Lena River basin, Northern Eurasia. Current version: 1.2 (12 August 2019). Data origin: digitized official Hydrological Yearbooks, Soviet (Russian) Hydrometeorological Service (1925-2007); online data, Russian Federal Water Resources Agency (2008-2017). Distributed under CC0 license.

This dataset should be cited as:
AHYST.Lena (2019) Arctic Hydrology and Statistics for the Lena River basin. Compilative dataset on mean annual and extreme flows in the Lena River basin (compiled by Makarieva O., Tananaev N., Lebedeva L.), figshare, version 1.2 (12 August 2019), doi: 10.6084/m9.figshare.3206962