40 Year Retrospective of Rick Doble's Photography: From Film to Digital

2016-06-24T13:09:57Z (GMT) by Rick Doble
<div><b>This zip folder contains webpages that display over 130 of Rick Doble's photographs</b> from the days of film to the early days of digital up to today's sophisticated digital photography -- a 40 year retrospective. The work is divided into eleven themes and then the images are displayed from earliest to latest. Each picture can also be accessed, looked at and worked with individually independent of the web display. </div><div>The progression of images shows how Doble's work evolved from traditional photography to his Experimental Digital Photography that he is known for and that he wrote a book about.</div><div>These photographs are published under the Creative Commons Copyright -- meaning that non-commercial, educational and artistic organizations and individuals may use these without futher permission at no cost as long as Rick Doble is credited with the original work.</div>