3-Dimensional anatomical models of plolyploid Oryza rice leaves.

The 3D models were constructed by combining the measurements taken separately along the three growth axes (X, Y, and Z) for all polyploid Oryza species. Note that, when considering the perpendicular spatial positioning of the mesophyll cell and bundle sheath cell to each other; X, Y, and Z represent length, height, and width of mesophyll cell, and the width, height, and length of bundle sheath cell respectively. Mesophyll cells are colored in green to represent the main photosynthetic tissue, veins are colored in light green, and bundle sheath cells are colored gray. Wavy surfaces are applied to the mesophyll cell boundaries with a degree of lobing value more than 1.1 (Type-B mesophyll cell). Type-A mesophyll cell is shown with smooth wall structure as in O. schlechteri, O. longiglumis, O. ridleyi. Genome types are as described in the text. A calibration scale of 50 μm is provided.