15-Scene Image Dataset

2018-08-24T05:36:29Z (GMT) by Nouman Ali Bushra Zafar
The initial 8 classes were collected by Oliva and Torralba [1], and then 5 categories were added by Fei-Fei and Perona [2]; finally, 2 additional categories were introduced by Lazebnik et al. [3].

[1] A. Oliva and A. Torralba, “Modeling the shape of the scene: A holistic representation of the spatial envelope,” IJCV, 2001.
[2] L. Fei-Fei and P. Perona, “A bayesian hierarchical model for learning natural scene categories,” CVPR, 2005.
[3] S. Lazebnik, C. Schmid, and J. Ponce, “Beyond bags of features: Spatial pyramid matching for recognizing natural scene categories,” CVPR, 2006.



CC BY 4.0